ProvaBUS NEW : safety and flexibility come together

ProvaBUS is a software that enables transport companies and schools to plan, and manage all their buses and drivers easily and in real time. It allows an optimal use of the "time" of buses and drivers in order to reduce operational costs.

With ProvaBUS 2020, the transport manager quickly organizes any unscheduled or irregular routes. The route can include a person, a group, a class or any other entity.

For transport companies and schools concerned about the safety of the children they transport and the costs involved. The new ProvaBUS software allows to:

  • Decrease transport operational and administrative costs.
  • Parents know where their children are in real time and have access to his personal schedule.
  • Forget non one at pick-up or drop-off points.
  • Communicate in real time the drivers own agenda and trips details.
  • Ensure that personal data are secured.

Manage student data, grade levels, and pick-up plan

Securely manage student data and pick-up points

  • Import personal data by .csv file or via a specific interface with your management software.

  • Add and remove students manually.

  • Import pick-up points (POI) per .csv file or create them individually.

Customize your itineraries in advance

  • Take into account each student's schedule and buildings according to grade level.

  • Prepare in advance the student lists and itineraries for the upcoming semester.

Plan optimally all types of tours

Easily create your routes

  • Create routes directly on the map.

  • Easily print schedules in different formats.

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Optimize the use of the vehicle fleet

  • Follow live your fleet and anticipate its movements.

  • Increase the number of trips made per vehicles.

Ensure live attendance tracking in vehicles

Visualize the route and people to pick-up or drop-off

  • Select the vehicle and the route to be made.

  • Confirm picked-up, dropped-off or absent (marked) people.

  • Follow compliance with the planned schedule.

Notify unjustified absences and urgent changes

  • Send an emergency notification in case of unjustified absence "no-show" via SMS and / or email to the concerned persons.

  • Receive personalized "pop-up" messages from the transport manager.

Additional need?

Other management functions are also available upon request. Our web development team, located in Switzerland, is empowered to create modular and flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Features used by our ProvaBus solution

  • *


    Indicates the last location of a vehicle on a map

  • *


    Detailed tracking and history of your trips

  • *


    Report of driving time, stops and kilometers traveled by vehicle

  • *


    Management of your fleet, including the tracking of its maintenance , insurance, leasing and other fees

  • *


    Digital and analog interface with external information and data sources

Do you have any questions ? Are you interested in a free demo ?

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They already trust us

The support team structure is responsive and appropriately reactive. Moreover, the ProvaBUS software is efficient, user-friendly and tailored to our specific school needs which are endorsed by their continued commitment and ongoing development to improve system performance.

Mark Murray
Operations Manager

Through the ProvaBUSsolution, HelvéCie has been able to provide its school customers with a reliable tool to modernize and make reliable the monitoring of daily transport. In addition, this system provides solid support for the creation and optimization of regular services.

Adrien Fabre
Responsable Méthodes & Mobilités

Make your life easier to organize our bus tours. We are proud to participate in the evolution of the product and to share our experiences with other users during the "ProvaBUS Days". To top it off it's really a friendly team, very responsive and always ready to assist us in case of trouble. Bravo...

Vachellerie Alain
Transport Coordinator

Thanks to Provatis, we were able to massively improve the safety and quality of our school bus operation as well as the efficiency in the administration. The program convinces with user-friendliness, security and flexibility.

Stefan Reimmann

Using this program for 3 years. Facilitation and time saving for setting up routes directly on a map. Printing schedules and trips. Management of students enrolled in transport.

Lina Russo
Responsable transport scolaire

ProvaBUS user since the creation of the program, we are very satisfied with this tool which now seems essential to us and allows a considerable saving of time for the management of the pupils as well as an optimization and planning of the bus routes. The program associated with digital tablets installed in each vehicle, appreciated by drivers, ensures safety and efficiency towards our parents and students. We also appreciate the constant evolution of the program. Provatis employees have always answered our questions and requests, their availability and their responsiveness when needed. The ProvaBUS Day was a good time of exchange and conviviality where we were listened and our requests taken into account.

Miguel Demange
Transport Manager

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