A brand new application for parents

Our new PARENT App (compatible with Mobile phones IOS & Android) will allow one or several person to know in real time where the bus is and if the student has taken and stepped out of the bus in due time. Each user will be required to have an individual access code.

Enhancing communication between parents and school

ProvaBUS is our school bus transport software aiming at optimising the transports and increasing safety for students. The PARENT App is operated with our ProvaBUS software and aims in facilitating communication between parents and the transport responsible / manager. It has been designed following discussions with our clients and is designed to be used for daily operating and communication. Special care has been given in order to bring all advantages from our long lasting ProvaBUS software. Furthermore this software has the label SWISS MADE software ensuring high quality and reliability service.

Be informed in real time on your cellphone

Parents will have access to one or several children of your family. Parents will immediately be informed of any special event related to bus transport such as delay, traffic jam etc.. You will also be informed if your children is absent or has changed his tour. Furthermore, you will be able to inform immediately the transport authority of cancelation in case of illness or holiday. These are just preliminary examples of the features offered.

Interested? Ask for more information!

If you are interested in learning more about our new PARENT APP, please send us an email at contact@provatis.com or give us a call at +41 21 694 00 80.

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They already trust us

The support team structure is responsive and appropriately reactive. Moreover, the ProvaBUS software is efficient, user-friendly and tailored to our specific school needs which are endorsed by their continued commitment and ongoing development to improve system performance.

Mark Murray
Operations Manager

Through the ProvaBUSsolution, HelvéCie has been able to provide its school customers with a reliable tool to modernize and make reliable the monitoring of daily transport. In addition, this system provides solid support for the creation and optimization of regular services.

Adrien Fabre
Responsable Méthodes & Mobilités

Make your life easier to organize our bus tours. We are proud to participate in the evolution of the product and to share our experiences with other users during the "ProvaBUS Days". To top it off it's really a friendly team, very responsive and always ready to assist us in case of trouble. Bravo...

Vachellerie Alain
Transport Coordinator

Thanks to Provatis, we were able to massively improve the safety and quality of our school bus operation as well as the efficiency in the administration. The program convinces with user-friendliness, security and flexibility.

Stefan Reimmann

Using this program for 3 years. Facilitation and time saving for setting up routes directly on a map. Printing schedules and trips. Management of students enrolled in transport.

Lina Russo
Responsable transport scolaire

ProvaBUS user since the creation of the program, we are very satisfied with this tool which now seems essential to us and allows a considerable saving of time for the management of the pupils as well as an optimization and planning of the bus routes. The program associated with digital tablets installed in each vehicle, appreciated by drivers, ensures safety and efficiency towards our parents and students. We also appreciate the constant evolution of the program. Provatis employees have always answered our questions and requests, their availability and their responsiveness when needed. The ProvaBUS Day was a good time of exchange and conviviality where we were listened and our requests taken into account.

Miguel Demange
Transport Manager

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