A technology developed to help the driver

Ecublens, January 27, 2015 – The business partnership between Provatis SA and CSEM start-up, SNAPsensor SA in Neuchâtel, resulted in a car video camera capable of tracing the route taken by a vehicle with a clarity never before attained. This product is cheap, unique in its category, and offers new possibilities for road users in terms of prevention and road safety.

Provatis SA has developed, in collaboration with SNAPsensor SA, a new product designed to improve the safety of people and goods on the road. The ProvaCam ™ is an onboard camera for vehicles with a patented system of specific low consumption sensors. These sensors are capable of identifying details rendered invisible by brightness, darkness or in zones of reflective surfaces.

Based on an innovative technology developed by CSEM and improved by SNAPsensor, the ProvaCam ™ enables adjustment the sharpness of contrast when viewing videos; its efficient system for image processing supports the separate identification of elements invisible to the human eye through dynamic management of brightness in situations of blinding light.

Promising prospects for road users

Small, compact (size of 5cm) and “plug and play”, the camera offers promising perspectives for prevention and monitoring road safety and accountability of drivers. Automatically activated by motion, the camera records up to 3 hours of video with date, time, geolocation (GPS) and speed. USB connectivity allows you to download videos and produce an incident report including excerpts from the video frame by frame. In case of an accident, ProvaCam ™ provides factual rendering of the sequence of events at levels of precision and reliability never before achieved. The quality of the image processing can prove the good faith of the driver while preserving the privacy of other road users.

With this new product, Provatis expands its range of services intended to improve the safety of people and property in the areas of automotive transportation. The ProvaCam ™ is available for CHF 149.- on the Provatis website.

A technology developed at CSEM

The technology used in the ProvaCam ™ was developed at CSEM in Neuchâtel. After an internal research program, it led to the creation of the start-up SNAPsensor, based in Neuchâtel, which designs and develops custom image sensor products for areas of need such as automotive or intelligent building management. The heart of the system SNAPsensor optoelectronic sensors allows the recording and processing of images optimized by using specific processors. SNAP-S2 sensors can develop customized solutions for orientation, visualization and detection in multiple application areas.

The ProvaCam ™ records the progress of an accident and can be used with an external docking station. © Provatis

Additional Information :

Alexandre Fellrath, CEO Provatis Tel. 021 694 00 80, email : afellrath@provatis.com

Pascal Dorster, CEO SNAPsensor Tel. 332 720 56 16, email : pascal.dorster@snap-sensor.com

About Provatis

Provatis – security, mobility, ecology

Provatis SA is a Swiss company founded in March 2009, with headquarters based in Ecublens (VD). The capital is wholly owned by Swiss private investors. Its purpose is to develop and market quality and évolutives scalable solutions to improve the security of persons and property in the areas of transportation and automotive. To achieve its goals, it works closely with organizations (Hautes Ecoles) and performers, ensuring the design and production of products with the label “Swiss Made”. Provatis SA owns the intelligent device management of events related to mobility “Provabox ™” and “MobilityBox ™” as well as patents and other intellectual property related thereto.

For more information, visit www.provatis.com

About SNAPsensor

SNAPSensor SA is a start-up company based in Neuchâtel and created in 2011 to commercialize optimized-imager technology that emerged from an 8-year CSEM internal research program. SNAPSensor specialized imagers, optical modules and vision systems are designed for information extraction and movement detection. Optimized CMOS-imagers efficiently extract the necessary information from an image to run highly compressed and low-processing power video analytics for use in a range of non-mainstream surveillance applications. Extracting the right image or video information solves 80% of any vision processing application.

For additional information, please visit www.snap-sensor.com

About CSEM

CSEM –technologies that make a difference

CSEM is a private institute for research and development specializing in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, systems engineering, photovoltaics, and information and communication technologies. CSEM has more than 450 highly qualified employees, divided between the CSEM in Neuchâtel sites at Alpnach in Muttenz, in Landquart and Zurich.

For more information, visit www.csem.ch

Contact : Sabina Müller, Strategic Communication Manager Tel. +41 32 720 5226, email : sabina.mueller@csem.ch

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The support team structure is responsive and appropriately reactive. Moreover, the ProvaBUS software is efficient, user-friendly and tailored to our specific school needs which are endorsed by their continued commitment and ongoing development to improve system performance.

Mark Murray
Operations Manager

Through the ProvaBUSsolution, HelvéCie has been able to provide its school customers with a reliable tool to modernize and make reliable the monitoring of daily transport. In addition, this system provides solid support for the creation and optimization of regular services.

Adrien Fabre
Responsable Méthodes & Mobilités

Make your life easier to organize our bus tours. We are proud to participate in the evolution of the product and to share our experiences with other users during the "ProvaBUS Days". To top it off it's really a friendly team, very responsive and always ready to assist us in case of trouble. Bravo...

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Thanks to Provatis, we were able to massively improve the safety and quality of our school bus operation as well as the efficiency in the administration. The program convinces with user-friendliness, security and flexibility.

Stefan Reimmann

Using this program for 3 years. Facilitation and time saving for setting up routes directly on a map. Printing schedules and trips. Management of students enrolled in transport.

Lina Russo
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ProvaBUS user since the creation of the program, we are very satisfied with this tool which now seems essential to us and allows a considerable saving of time for the management of the pupils as well as an optimization and planning of the bus routes. The program associated with digital tablets installed in each vehicle, appreciated by drivers, ensures safety and efficiency towards our parents and students. We also appreciate the constant evolution of the program. Provatis employees have always answered our questions and requests, their availability and their responsiveness when needed. The ProvaBUS Day was a good time of exchange and conviviality where we were listened and our requests taken into account.

Miguel Demange
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